The bisexual performer

Guest writer Alex Rivers takes us on a biographical personal journey through his burgeoning sexual identity.

Losing my religion

Our guest writer Seven Victor discusses the impact of internalised transphobia, acceptance and moving forward.

Are we OK? The performance of emotional labour in queer spaces

Karen Pollock explores who emotional labour is demanded of, and why this should be challenged.

‘Queerness to me is freedom’: TQ meets Izikiel

Michael Paramo interviews poet and singer Izikiel, discussing the impending release of their debut single, the importance of self-love, and their journey to this moment. As a queer person, self-love is important. In a world that seeks to destroy queerness, art created by queer people exists as a method of empowerment and strength regarding loving … Continue reading ‘Queerness to me is freedom’: TQ meets Izikiel

Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

Dónal Murray-Ferris presents his story about growing up in a country where he felt unable to truly celebrate and be proud of his sexuality. I have lived in merry old England since 2004 when I upped sticks from my quiet hometown to the bright lights of Luton town to begin my studies at University. Initially, … Continue reading Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

An unabashed ode to Halsey

In a personal post guest writer Kimberley Hills explores how the musican Halsey inspires her as a bi woman of colour

Life as a homoromantic asexual

In this personal essay, Michael Paramo reflects on his experience as a homoromantic asexual in southern California and examines how this identity has played an integral role in shaping his life.

A Guide to Surviving Non-Monogamy

In this guest post for The Queerness, a reader contributes their experience of being a non-monogamous bisexual person and navigating what that means for them.

Coming out – to yourself

Coming out is often seen as the pivotal moment in any queer person's life. Ciera Littleford discusses the importance of coming out to yourself.  Stumble across any LGBTQ+ blog, website or forum, and you’ll discover that ‘coming out’ is the most frequently covered topic of them all. After all, it is seen as the pivotal … Continue reading Coming out – to yourself