Dealing with Jo Johnson, Julie Bindel, and your racist Uncle

Minister Jo Johnson threatens to fine universities for not "allowing free speech" and the BBC uncritically wheels out Julie Bindel on Boxing day to support the Tory. Sam Hope explores the growing phenomenon of "free speech" authoritarianism

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In the latest piece on the Julie Bindel controversy, guest writer and trans woman, Debbie Hayton, explains why she believes Bindel should be given a platform.

Julie Bindel’s transphobia is a constant source of trauma

Following Annette Pryce's article on Julie Bindel's controversial LGBT History Month appearance, guest writer Sam Hope gives a trans perspective on the matter.

Now now, be nice! Why Julie Bindel has no place at LGBT History Month

Annette Pryce examines why Bindel speaking at an LGBT History Month event is an insult to the community.

‘Sorry, we can’t ban everything that offends you’ – the Julie Bindel school of fighting the wrong fight

Julie Bindel has taken a stand, decrying the fact that censorship has become the new norm. Jon B offers his perspective on why she's not only wrong, but fighting the wrong fight.