“When I was growing up, I can remember going to clubs and being the only black person there”: TQ meets Dean Atta

Hadley Stewart catches up with poet and author Dean Atta as he prepares to release his new book, 'The Black Flamingo'.

LGBTQ+ people don’t exist in a vacuum: TQ speaks to Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb

Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb is a leading Bangladeshi LGBTQ+ rights activist. After a series of death threats and the loss of close friends, he left the country and is now living in exile abroad. He was kind enough to respond to questions sent by Ibtisam Ahmed about the struggles of the movement and the celebrations of its successes.

“Queer has 5,000,000 definitions and they’re all correct” – an interview with Rosarlian

Megan Rosalarian is a queer comic creator, artist and burlesque dancer. As a creative who makes a living from the web, she has been very vocal about the recent threat to Net Neutrality in America. Lois Shearing caught her with to discuss the issue, her feelings about labels, and her plans for 2018.

Muslim and queer, but no longer alone; TQ speaks to hidayah-lgbt

Karen Pollock speaks to Hidayah, an organisation for LGBTQ+ muslims

‘Queerness to me is freedom’: TQ meets Izikiel

Michael Paramo interviews poet and singer Izikiel, discussing the impending release of their debut single, the importance of self-love, and their journey to this moment. As a queer person, self-love is important. In a world that seeks to destroy queerness, art created by queer people exists as a method of empowerment and strength regarding loving … Continue reading ‘Queerness to me is freedom’: TQ meets Izikiel

‘Who is looking out for sissy Brown boys?’: TQ meets Queer Xicano Chisme

Michael Paramo interviews activist Queer Xicano Chisme, discussing the inception and ascension of his online platform, his inspirations and aspirations, as well as his greatest and most difficult moments.

‘I think representation is positive in general as long as it’s not totally hurtful. Things have come a long way.’ TQ meets filmmaker Morgan Jon Fox

Dónal Ferris chats to Morgan Jon Fox, director of Feral about his inspiraiton behind the show and how he found himself working with new streaming service Dekkoo.

Supporting trans youths: TQ meets the CEO of Mermaids

Susie Green is the CEO of Mermaids, a charity dedicated to supporting transgender children and young people. She spoke with Stephanie Farnsworth about the work of Mermaids and the issues they faced daily in the battle to improve support for trans young people.