Book review: loveless by Alice Oseman

What does it mean to feel 'Loveless'? Daz Skubich finds out in Alice Oseman's fourth novel.

“Life at last begins to make sense when you are open and honest”: Justin Myers speaks to TQ

Hadley Stewart chats to Justin Myers as he prepares for the release of his new book, 'The Magnificent Sons'.

Theatre Review: The Inheritance (Young Vic, London)

Guest writer Callum Kenny reviews 'The Inheritance' at the Young Vic in London and finds it lacking.

Book Review: A Good Hiding

For this month’s theme of Book Club, Dónal Murray-Ferris reviews A Good Hiding, a story full of deep secrets and the forging of an unlikely friendship. Set in Belfast, Northern Ireland it explores hard topics including sexuality, teen pregnancy and domestic abuse set against the backdrop of a city known for it's difficult history.

Why the three wise monkey approach is failing queer young people

Karen examines how a new report into the health and wellbeing of 15 year olds highlights the way we prefer to ignore the gender and sexual identities of young people, regardless of the harm this does.