Chapter two – It’s different now?

It's different now though isn't it, the stigma, it's not as bad as it was in the early days of inscribed tombstones and crashing rocks? Juno Roche continues looking back over her story.

The loneliness of being bisexual and in poverty

One of the biggest issues facing the bisexual community is poverty, but why are LGBTQ+ groups so reluctant to acknowledge this? Stephanie Farnsworth argues that we cannot continue to exclude issues of class and poverty from our activism.

LGBTQ+ youth homeless: forgotten on all fronts

As LGBTQ+ youth homelessness continues to soar, Stephanie Farnsworth examines this silent issue.   While the middle class gay leaders of our community may applaud same sex marriage as our last great battle they are insulting those who have been completely left behind, particularly in the midst of the LGBTQ+ youth homelessness crisis. 'Crisis' may seem … Continue reading LGBTQ+ youth homeless: forgotten on all fronts