Talkin ’bout my generation; when generations hurt

Guest writer Chase Ledin explores whether AIDS is part of a shared queer history, or an unbridgeable divide between the generations

PrEP: No Holy Grail but no cause for sexual moralisation either

Surely, the ruling that the NHS can fund the distribution of PrEP can only be seen as a positive development? Apparently not. Lee Williscroft-Ferris is troubled by some of the reactions to this historic decision.

Just a small question about PrEP…

As questions concerning PrEP abound, Juno Roche looks at the issue of the omission of women in the discourse around HIV.

Trans and HIV-positive: It’s time to make our case

Trans activist Juno Roche writes for The Queerness on the myriad issues associated with being a trans woman and HIV-positive.