Doctor Who Redacted: Behind the scenes

The Queerness talks to Ella Watts, the director and producer of the hit BBC Sounds audio drama: Doctor Who Redacted.

Review: Doctor Who Redacted

As part of our pride month series celebrating Queer fiction, we turn to audio fiction. We publish this as Cleo finally meets The Doctor in the finale of this ten part audio drama written by Juno Dawson currently streaming on BBC Sounds.

Transphobia: An increasingly liberal affair?

In this article, Jon B rejects the notion put forward by Rebecca Reid in her recent Metro article that it’s time for trans people to be more receptive to cis people’s concerns about trans issues.

Cis is not a slur

Karen Pollock explores why in order to challenge the process of othering we have to accept we all have labels and identities.

Boys and girls come out to play

Our curator Karen Pollock explores the sudden media fascination with trans kids, and trans masculine identities, and asks what it tells us about societies attitudes to gender diversity.

Queer Media; it’s time to do better bi us

In light of recent biphobic articles published by queer media outlets, Lois Shearing addresses some of the myths perpetuated both outside of and within the LGBTQ+ community.

Navigating age and ageism within trans communities

Sam Hope explores the complexity of a type of oppression that time is constantly changing

What it’s like to be out but not out-out as a bisexual

Lois Shearing explores what it means to be out, but not out-out as a bisexual and why it's important to respect our identity, even if we sometimes let ourselves 'pass'.

Suffer little children

Karen Pollock takes issue with the latest gutter press article about trans young people.

“Yesterday my uncle asked me what cisgender meant ?”

In a guest post for human rights month, Douglas Robertson explores the growing awareness of trans rights in popular consciousness - and how it's time for cis people to pick a side.