Talkin ’bout my generation; when generations hurt

Guest writer Chase Ledin explores whether AIDS is part of a shared queer history, or an unbridgeable divide between the generations

What are we afraid of?

On World Aids Day Karen Pollock looks at how attitudes to acceptable types of sex still lead to stigma and prejudice towards those with HIV Today is World Aids Day, a day that many of us hoped would have had become unnecessary when we first stared wearing red ribbons to show our support for those … Continue reading What are we afraid of?

PrEP: No Holy Grail but no cause for sexual moralisation either

Surely, the ruling that the NHS can fund the distribution of PrEP can only be seen as a positive development? Apparently not. Lee Williscroft-Ferris is troubled by some of the reactions to this historic decision.

Just a small question about PrEP…

As questions concerning PrEP abound, Juno Roche looks at the issue of the omission of women in the discourse around HIV.

The Valley of the Kings

In this follow-on post, Juno Roche discusses her HIV diagnosis and the unchanging face of stigma.