‘Queerness to me is freedom’: TQ meets Izikiel

Michael Paramo interviews poet and singer Izikiel, discussing the impending release of their debut single, the importance of self-love, and their journey to this moment. As a queer person, self-love is important. In a world that seeks to destroy queerness, art created by queer people exists as a method of empowerment and strength regarding loving … Continue reading ‘Queerness to me is freedom’: TQ meets Izikiel

Beauty and the Butch

Beauty and the butch – ‘dreamy’ lesbians and why we can’t live without them.

Annette Pryce adds a personal dimension to the ongoing butch/femme dynamic in the lesbian scene.

Hooked to the silver screen: David Bowie on film

David Bowie's queerness is most closely associated with his music, but how does it manifest in his film career? James Gent offers a whirlwind retrospective.