Is it love?

The marriage of two straight men in Ireland has drawn criticism from many quarters, our curator Karen Pollock explores why LGBTQ+ people should be congratulating them

Human rights for all

Karen Pollock explores exactly what equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people means.

The Australian marriage equality debate underlines the need to stay vigilant

Guest writer, Michal Astley, examines and deconstructs some of the main arguments in the debate on marriage equality in Australia.

Bisexual and Bridal

February 29th is the day that women can traditionally propose to men. Danni Glover proposes that her marriage to a man could still be a queer one.

Civil partnerships for everyone?

Ciera Littleford explores the option of civil partnerships being made available to opposite-sex couples.

Long Live the Queen

Conor Horgan’s new documentary The Queen of Ireland is intimate enough to get to know Panti and her male alias Rory O’Neill as friends, and reverential enough to get to respect them as national treasures. Danni Glover reviews.

Northern Ireland’s democratic failure

The DUP has blocked a majority vote in favour of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. How are power sharing measures hindering democracy and progress? Danni Glover investigates.

Who ‘owns’ progress on LGBTQ+ equality?

The Conservative Party Conference has divided people down political lines. For many gay Tories, Cameron's 'equal marriage' project proves his credibility as an ally. Lee Williscroft-Ferris takes issue.