Charlie and Nick

Review: Heartstopper

As part of our pride month series on celebrating queer fiction; we give a quick review of Heartstopper, the latest in queer teen romance to hit the netflix binge screen.

Night moves

As part of a pride month series, a story by: Dan Fitzgerald

The shadow lingering over so many LGBTQ+ people’s Christmas

With the festive season approaching, guest writer Hadley ponders on what this means for many LGBTQ+ people.

National Coming Out Day: who is it really for?

On National Coming Out Day, Louise McCudden takes a critical look at “coming out” culture, and how it fuels heterosexism.

Do we need another role model?

A guest writer Gareth Davies challenges those who have been critical of Colin Jackson for not coming out sooner, and asks what exactly is a role model?

My journey as a gay man with depression

Guest writer, Peter Minkoff, recounts his very personal journey with depression as part of our mental health month.

Coming out when you’re a British south Asian

In a very personal piece, first published on, guest writer Pamela Chabba shares her own coming out story as a British South Asian woman

Thatcher, AIDS and hopelessness: growing up gay in the 1980s and 90s

In a very personal piece, Lee Williscroft-Ferris discusses growing up gay in the 80s and 90s.

Things to keep in mind if you’re questioning your sexuality and/or gender

Stephanie Farnsworth goes through different steps which can help people coming to terms with their sexuality and/or gender.

Stop pushing a cis straight agenda on children!

Stephanie Farnsworth challenges the idea that children cannot understand LGBTQ+ issues.