Inclusion in university should bring about inclusion in workspaces

International guest writer , Sarah Daren analyses the nuances of changing academic and workplace attitudes.

The importance of LGBTQ+ representation in Higher Education

Sarah Daren our Guest Writer, suggests ways to improve diversity and inclusion in the Higher Education world. A US perspective.

How teachers can be a better ally to LGBTQ+ students

Our newest international guest writer Sarah Darren gives some good tips on how teachers, both in the US and the UK, can be a better ally to their LGBTQ+ students, as a wave of changing tides across the USA cause consternation and barriers for young people.

Gender in school is about more than uniforms

Guest writer, Hadley, reflects on the issue of gender in relation to school uniforms.

Who are the villains of our story ?

Annette Pryce responds to the latest report from Stonewall on the state of schools today and the way in which they are tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

Sport and the gender order

Annette Pryce examines why PE teachers could be the LGBTQ heroes of the future… perhaps.

This is the next century: my old school just launched a gender identity policy and this is how it feels

As part of our February theme of 'faith', guest writer, Catherine Baker, describes her experiences at St Paul's Girls' School and comments on their introduction of a gender identity policy.

Queerbate: how do we deliver SRE in schools?

As the Conservative Party have once again blocked moves for schools to teach an inclusive approach to sex and relationships, Stephanie and Karen examine the issue and what can be done now.

The Tories need a lesson in Sex Ed

Tory MPs this week blocked an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill to make lessons on inclusive SRE mandatory in all schools. Annette Pryce discusses the ramifications.