Spice Girls 2019

‘Who do you think you are?’: The uncomfortable misogyny behind recent criticism of Victoria Beckham

Returning to the write for The Queerness, Jon B addresses recent criticism of Victoria Beckham’s decision not to join the Spice Girls on their recent tour and what this says about the misogyny that still dogs successful women making their own choices in today’s society.

Are we OK? The performance of emotional labour in queer spaces

Karen Pollock explores who emotional labour is demanded of, and why this should be challenged.

Why do we find it so hard to ‘play the dating game’?

Louise McCudden unpacks the internalised queerphobia and misogyny underneath the dating experiences of queer people, especially those of us who are not cis men.

The BriaAndChrissy videos: A tale of misogyny, homophobia and self-promotion

YouTube duo BriaAndChrissy have released a series of videos of lesbians and gay men touching one another intimately. Lee Williscroft-Ferris looks beyond the clickbait at the real issues this 'trend' raises.