National Coming Out Day: who is it really for?

On National Coming Out Day, Louise McCudden takes a critical look at “coming out” culture, and how it fuels heterosexism.

When free speech means bullies yelling over bigots

It is not in the public interest to broadcast the opinions of people who believe in "curing" us.  Is it a free speech issue? Louise McCudden explores the hypocrisy. 

Why do we find it so hard to ‘play the dating game’?

Louise McCudden unpacks the internalised queerphobia and misogyny underneath the dating experiences of queer people, especially those of us who are not cis men.

Being queer isn’t a moral question – how you vote is

Is coming out as a Tory comparable to coming out as queer? Short answer: no. Louise McCudden explores why.

Why does the far right get away with weaponising LGBTQ+ people?

UKIP’s election manifesto is the latest example of the far right using queer people to push its own agenda. Louise McCudden asks how they keep getting away with it.