Bisexuality, parenting and me

Our guest writer, Alex Wainwright, explores in this personal essay his various identities as a bisexual man, a parent and the conflicts between them.

Boys and girls come out to play

Our curator Karen Pollock explores the sudden media fascination with trans kids, and trans masculine identities, and asks what it tells us about societies attitudes to gender diversity.

Same-sex marriage around the world; A global snapshot

Guest writer Stefan Simonovic explores same sex-marriage around the world looking at how far we have come in the mission towards full equality.

Debunking the myths of Gender Neutral Parenting

In this guest piece for The Queerness, Jadyn Gracelyn dispels some myths surrounding gender neutral parenting.

It’s not about you

How should a parent respond to an LGBTQ+ child? Karen Pollock explores the issues of parenting, coming out and when non acceptance is abusive