Core Issues Trust – therapists or just common or garden bigots?

Edit 07/02/2018: Vue cinemas have confirmed that the film is not being shown, however Core Issues Trust continue to promte conversion therapy. Karen Pollock looks at just what Core believe.

Why I do not support a ban on “conversion” therapy

As part of our politics month Karen Pollock challenges the idea legislation is always the best tool for protecting LGBTQ+ peo

Boys and girls come out to play

Our curator Karen Pollock explores the sudden media fascination with trans kids, and trans masculine identities, and asks what it tells us about societies attitudes to gender diversity.

Suffer little children

Karen Pollock takes issue with the latest gutter press article about trans young people.

When free speech means bullies yelling over bigots

It is not in the public interest to broadcast the opinions of people who believe in "curing" us.  Is it a free speech issue? Louise McCudden explores the hypocrisy. 

The General Synod and a curate’s egg of protection for LGBTQ+ people

Whilst welcoming the agreement cis LGB people should be protected from the harms of conversion therapy, Karen Pollock questions why the Church of England does not extend the same protections to trans people

Government ignorance fails LGBTQ+ people

Karen Pollock looks at how the lack of regulation of counselling and psychotherapy leaves LGBTQ+ people unprotected from the harms of conversion therapy

The slow sands of time; UK trans population finally protected from conversion therapy

After two years of waiting, trans people have finally been added to the Memorandum of Understanding on conversion therapy, an issue which Karen Pollock has been following.

An open letter to the BACP

An open letter signed by over 80 therapists, LGBTQ orgs, activists and mental health professionals is calling for trans people to be protected from conversion therapy.

Stop looking for the gay gene!

Stephanie Farnsworth challenges why studies searching for a 'gay gene' are needed.