Trade unions and us

Joint editors, Lee Williscroft-Ferris and Annette Pryce, reflect on this years TUC LGBT+ conference, and why it is necessary to be in a union.

What now for Northern Ireland and marriage equality?

Annette Pryce takes a look at the situation as it stands now in Northern Ireland for equal marriage.

LGBTQ+ people don’t exist in a vacuum: TQ speaks to Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb

Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb is a leading Bangladeshi LGBTQ+ rights activist. After a series of death threats and the loss of close friends, he left the country and is now living in exile abroad. He was kind enough to respond to questions sent by Ibtisam Ahmed about the struggles of the movement and the celebrations of its successes.

Trade unions versus individual rights

The tension between collective power and individual rights is being brought to the attention of many by how Trade Unions address LGBTQ+ rights Gareth Davies, a guest writer explores how the issue might play out.

Same-sex marriage around the world; A global snapshot

Guest writer Stefan Simonovic explores same sex-marriage around the world looking at how far we have come in the mission towards full equality.

Peter Tatchell’s activism is no longer appropriate for the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in 2016

Peter Tatchell polarises opinion like no other human rights activist. TQ curators, Stephanie Farnsworth and Lee Williscroft-Ferris go head-to-head in this first 'Queerbate'.