Core Issues Trust – therapists or just common or garden bigots?

Edit 07/02/2018: Vue cinemas have confirmed that the film is not being shown, however Core Issues Trust continue to promte conversion therapy. Karen Pollock looks at just what Core believe.

The slow sands of time; UK trans population finally protected from conversion therapy

After two years of waiting, trans people have finally been added to the Memorandum of Understanding on conversion therapy, an issue which Karen Pollock has been following.

Bad science

LGBTQ+ people have long had to fight against scientific theories which medicalise and pathologize. Karen Pollock argues it's time to leave the bad science behind.

An open letter to the BACP

An open letter signed by over 80 therapists, LGBTQ orgs, activists and mental health professionals is calling for trans people to be protected from conversion therapy.

Why is conversion therapy still considered “good enough” for trans people?

Conversion therapy has been shown to have as much scientific basis as magic mirrors, so why is it still acceptable to offer it to the trans community? Content Notes for suicide, transphobia and homophobia. A year ago, many people were startled out of their post Christmas fug by the news of a suicide. A young trans … Continue reading Why is conversion therapy still considered “good enough” for trans people?