Playing the identity card: Why respect for self-identification matters

For our Mental Health Month series, Karen Pollock explores how some identities are seen as more valid than others, and the harm this causes to marginalised people. 

All in the mind?

Karen Pollock introduces our theme for August, mental health.

The General Synod and a curate’s egg of protection for LGBTQ+ people

Whilst welcoming the agreement cis LGB people should be protected from the harms of conversion therapy, Karen Pollock questions why the Church of England does not extend the same protections to trans people

The measure of a man

The theme for July is 'Masculinity', introduced by our curator Karen Pollock

LGBTQ+ is nothing to be ashamed of

As part of our Pride month series Karen Pollock looks at why pride, both as an event and an emotion, is important to LGBTQ+ people.

Moving the consent conversation forward: TQ speaks to Kitty Stryker

Karen Pollock interviews Kitty Stryker - queer sex educator, writer and activist - about her latest book, and what consent should look like from a queer, kink and sex worker-positive perspective.

June: Pride

Karen Pollock introduces the theme for June, Pride.

Book Review: CN Lester – Trans Like Me

CN Lester's first book has been published by Virago Press, and Karen Pollock reviews it for The Queerness.

What’s going on? Netflix chooses the first day of Pride month to cancel Sense8

Our curator, Karen Pollock, questions the decision to cancel Sense8 on the first day of Pride month.

What is Pride in London for?

In light of yesterdays revelation that there is no separate Bi representation at Pride in London Karen takes the role of critical friend and asks what is Pride for?