We support the self-identification of gender

A selection of the curators at The Queerness discuss why they support self-identification of gender

The measure of a man

The theme for July is 'Masculinity', introduced by our curator Karen Pollock

Sport and identity

A guest writer, Gareth Davies explores how rejecting fixed ideas about what sport should look like, intertwine with a rejection of other fixed identity norms.

I am so sick of this shit; AFAB does not mean privileged

A guest writer explains why accusations of privilege levelled at assigned female at birth non binary people are rooted in misogyny and transphobia. This writer has asked to remain anonymous.

The UK does not need a cut price Caitlyn Jenner

To kick of our Gender Month, Karen Pollock expresses her disappointment with celebrities who want to police who is "trans enough".

Et tu, Chimamanda?

Guest writer Sam Hope reflects on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi's recent pronouncement on trans women and challenges the notion of 'real women'.

The reality of women

After a weekend when yet again the validity of trans identities has been called into question Karen Pollock explores the ideas of realness and authenticity

Mermaids and the Daily Mail

Karen Pollock responds to the Daily Mail attack on the charity Mermaids

Things to keep in mind if you’re questioning your sexuality and/or gender

Stephanie Farnsworth goes through different steps which can help people coming to terms with their sexuality and/or gender.

But what if I want a ‘ladies’ handbag’?

It's more than just wanting a 'ladies' handbag'. Jon B explains why he's tired with traditional notions of gender and masculinity that no one chooses, but which still dominate how society at large views us.