Boys and girls come out to play

Our curator Karen Pollock explores the sudden media fascination with trans kids, and trans masculine identities, and asks what it tells us about societies attitudes to gender diversity.

You are queer enough

Our curator Karen Pollock puts out a heartfelt plea for LGBTQ+ people to stop excluding those who don't meet arbitary standards from the community.

The queer age

This November we will be exploring what age means to lgbtq+ people. Karen Pollock introduces the theme

Suffer little children

Karen Pollock takes issue with the latest gutter press article about trans young people.

Human rights for all

Karen Pollock explores exactly what equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people means.

The fight for our rights

The theme for October, Human Rights, is introduced by Karen Pollock

Are we OK? The performance of emotional labour in queer spaces

Karen Pollock explores who emotional labour is demanded of, and why this should be challenged.

Lights! Camera! Action!

The theme for September is Film, introduced by Karen Pollock. 

Straight Pride Matters?

As the Pride season ends, Karen Pollock asks why some people keep demanding they  be allowed to have a "Straight pride"

We support the self-identification of gender

A selection of the curators at The Queerness discuss why they support self-identification of gender