Queeroes: DJ Ritu and her contribution to British South Asian LGBTQ+ culture

For LGBT History Month, guest writer Pamela Rani Chabba chooses her personal Queero: DJ Ritu, who created a much needed haven for British South Asian LGBTQ+ people in London

Civil partnerships for everyone?

Ciera Littleford explores the option of civil partnerships being made available to opposite-sex couples.

Genderqueer and disabled… but not your motivational tool!

In this incredibly powerful piece, genderqueer disabled guest writer, Becca Baker, takes aim at those that would appropriate disability for their own selfish motives.

Bisexuality, the LGBTQ+ community and class: we need a resolution

In a guest article for The Queerness, Steve Topple gives a deeply personal account of coming out as bi and looks at the issues of bisexuality and class within the LGBTQ+ community.

The Fault in our Gay Bars

What is up with the lack of queer spaces, and why are existing ones so exclusive? Ciera Littleford explores this matter further.

What Tyson Fury has taught us about the acceptability of homophobia

Following Lee Williscroft-Ferris' piece on the Tyson Fury furore, guest writer Lewis Henshall looks at what the issue says about homophobia in the media and in society at large.

Trans visibility: who is it good for?

Increased transgender visibility is heralded as a "tipping point" for the transgender community, but is it helping the trans community? Aria Ehren offers her perspective.

Non-binary gender inclusion in the workplace

With recent progress made for trans men and women in law and society, we risk leaving non-binary trans individuals behind. Aria Ehren examines the issues facing non-binary transgender people in the workplace and makes recommendations on inclusive policy and practice for employers.

Brave Man: rejecting ‘allyship’

With the release of Will Young's Brave Man came a discussion about what it means to be a trans ally. Our guest writer 'How Upsetting' takes issue with the concept of allyship and asks who does it really benefit?

‘Asexual Awareness Week’ – Thoughts

We're in the midst of Asexuality Awareness Week, and guest writer Pip Williams shares her thoughts on the subject.