Coming out when you’re a British south Asian

In a very personal piece, first published on, guest writer Pamela Chabba shares her own coming out story as a British South Asian woman

Civil partnerships for everyone?

Ciera Littleford explores the option of civil partnerships being made available to opposite-sex couples.

On the selfishness of the white cis gay male

As LGBT+ equality moves forward, we are increasingly presented with the selfishness of the white cis gay man. Jon B gives his opinion on why gay men need to do better by the rest of the LGBT+ community.

Why do you see so few black same-sex couples?

Marcus Stow delves into the reasons behind so many black gay men being in relationships with white guys and comes up with some fascinating conclusions.

Coming out – to yourself

Coming out is often seen as the pivotal moment in any queer person's life. Ciera Littleford discusses the importance of coming out to yourself.  Stumble across any LGBTQ+ blog, website or forum, and you’ll discover that ‘coming out’ is the most frequently covered topic of them all. After all, it is seen as the pivotal … Continue reading Coming out – to yourself