Human rights for all

Karen Pollock explores exactly what equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people means.

The fight for our rights

The theme for October, Human Rights, is introduced by Karen Pollock

I imagine me and you

Annette Pryce takes a comparitive meander through two queer films about finding love in unexpected places.

The future is queer in San Junipero

For September's monthly theme, curator Ibtisam Ahmed looks at the heartwarming intersectional love of 'San Junipero'.

Chitrangada and trans self-determination in Indian cinema

For September's monthly theme, curator Ibtisam Ahmed looks back at the Bengali film 'Chitrangada' and its message of trans self-determination.

Lights! Camera! Action!

The theme for September is Film, introduced by Karen Pollock. 

Digital mirror: Finding ourselves in The Sims

Rounding off our theme for August, mental health, a group of fans of 'The Sims' explains how conducive the game is to a sense of well-being and community.

Beyond invisibility: 5 issues facing the bisexual community

Despite all the erasure of bisexuality that may have happened this Pride season, Lois Shearing asks whether it is time to stop looking past visibility as the main issue facing the bisexual community, to focus on the systematic violence and oppression facing bisexuals

My journey as a gay man with depression

Guest writer, Peter Minkoff, recounts his very personal journey with depression as part of our mental health month.

Playing the identity card: Why respect for self-identification matters

For our Mental Health Month series, Karen Pollock explores how some identities are seen as more valid than others, and the harm this causes to marginalised people.