LGBTQ+ people don’t exist in a vacuum: TQ speaks to Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb

Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb is a leading Bangladeshi LGBTQ+ rights activist. After a series of death threats and the loss of close friends, he left the country and is now living in exile abroad. He was kind enough to respond to questions sent by Ibtisam Ahmed about the struggles of the movement and the celebrations of its successes.

Trade unions versus individual rights

The tension between collective power and individual rights is being brought to the attention of many by how Trade Unions address LGBTQ+ rights Gareth Davies, a guest writer explores how the issue might play out.

“Yesterday my uncle asked me what cisgender meant ?”

In a guest post for human rights month, Douglas Robertson explores the growing awareness of trans rights in popular consciousness - and how it's time for cis people to pick a side. 

Human rights for all

Karen Pollock explores exactly what equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people means.

USA, Japan and China among 13 countries failing to support UN condemnation of the death penalty for homosexuality

Ibtisam Ahmed examines the voting patterns in a historic UN resolution supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

The fight for our rights

The theme for October, Human Rights, is introduced by Karen Pollock