Book Review: A Good Hiding

For this month’s theme of Book Club, Dónal Murray-Ferris reviews A Good Hiding, a story full of deep secrets and the forging of an unlikely friendship. Set in Belfast, Northern Ireland it explores hard topics including sexuality, teen pregnancy and domestic abuse set against the backdrop of a city known for it's difficult history.

Review: The Fire Eater’s Lover by Sophia Blackwell

For this month's theme of Book Club, Lois Shearing reviews second anthology The Fire Eater's Lover, which celebrates all things related to performance. Whether its getting up on stage, dressing up for a night out, or seducing a lover, The Fire Eater's Lover heaves with the beauty of all the rituals and tribulations of everyday life.

January: The 2017 Book Club

In January, The Queerness is opening the pages on its favourite books, with personal views, and reviews.

My musical tastes: Steps to P!nk via a bit of S Club

As part of The Queerness’ Music Month, Dónal Murray Ferris discusses his love of Steps- one of the biggest 90's pop groups to come out of the UK and just how they influenced his current music tastes. Back in 1997 when five gobby girls known as The Spice Girls were throwing their girl power all … Continue reading My musical tastes: Steps to P!nk via a bit of S Club

Whitney Houston and the art of the diva

As part of The Queerness' Music Month, Marcus Stow discusses the impact and legacy of Whitney Houston, for the music world and him personally

November: music month

Each month here at The Queerness, we explore a subject in more depth and invite guest posts. This November we are looking at music. For many queer people, music is an integral part of their life, their coming out, the soundtrack to their first love, how they realised they were queer. Musicians have been a part of … Continue reading November: music month

August: The Swimsuit Edition

This August the Queerness is looking at bodies, and the queer communities often difficult relationship with them

July: Talkin ’bout my generation

This July we want to start a conversation about age, ageing, youth and the generation gap