A lesson in ignorance

Annette Pryce responds to ridiculous suggestions that the trans narrative is somehow 'indoctrinating' students in schools.

Sport and the gender order

Annette Pryce examines why PE teachers could be the LGBTQ heroes of the future… perhaps.


The Theme for April is Gender, introduced by Karen Pollock

In celebration of Mass Effect

Ahead of the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Stephanie Farnsworth looks back at the franchise's original trilogy.

Game On!

The theme for March is gaming, introduced by Karen Pollock

Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

Dónal Murray-Ferris presents his story about growing up in a country where he felt unable to truly celebrate and be proud of his sexuality. I have lived in merry old England since 2004 when I upped sticks from my quiet hometown to the bright lights of Luton town to begin my studies at University. Initially, … Continue reading Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

This is the next century: my old school just launched a gender identity policy and this is how it feels

As part of our February theme of 'faith', guest writer, Catherine Baker, describes her experiences at St Paul's Girls' School and comments on their introduction of a gender identity policy.

The Church of England needs to learn sorry is not the hardest word

As part of our spirituality month Karen Pollock one of our curators explores what actual repentance for past injustices towards lgbtq+ might look like

When will it be time for Bert & Ernie?

The Northern Ireland Assembly continues to block same sex marriage with an unfair use of the veto. Annette Pryce discusses the political and religious issues around Northern Ireland's same sex marriage debate.

February: Spirit in the sky

February's theme is religion, faith and spirituality. Karen Pollock introduces.