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No separation of Church and State for Northern Ireland

Guest writer Claire Mullaly discusses the Supreme Court's decisions to uphold discrimination on religious grounds in the provision of goods and services.

What now for Northern Ireland and marriage equality?

Annette Pryce takes a look at the situation as it stands now in Northern Ireland for equal marriage.

We stand with Feminist Ire

TQ shows our support for and solidarity with Irish Feminists and their open letter to the organisers of the "We need to talk" tour

Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

Dónal Murray-Ferris presents his story about growing up in a country where he felt unable to truly celebrate and be proud of his sexuality. I have lived in merry old England since 2004 when I upped sticks from my quiet hometown to the bright lights of Luton town to begin my studies at University. Initially, … Continue reading Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

PayPal is pulling out of North Carolina for its anti-LGBTQ+ laws. More companies should show such courage

PayPal is willing to place paramount importance on the safety of its LGBTQ+ staff in a state that puts their livelihoods - and lives - at risk. Lee Williscroft-Ferris praises their moral stance.

Northern Ireland’s democratic failure

The DUP has blocked a majority vote in favour of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. How are power sharing measures hindering democracy and progress? Danni Glover investigates.

Thicker than water: challenging Northern Ireland’s blood donation ban

A year without sexual activity for MSM is a pointless and alienating gesture, and the lifetime ban on blood donation in Northern Ireland egregiously so. Danni Glover shares her thoughts.