Night moves

As part of a pride month series, a story by: Dan Fitzgerald

Butch. [yes] please!

TQ's Joint editor Annette Pryce is in short, a little bit butch, she's a bit short as well, but we wont hold that against her. She took a look at the renowned lesbian club night Butch. Please! at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Alex in wonderland: author Simon James Green speaks to TQ

Hadley Stewart sits down with Simon James Green to delve into his third young adult book entitled 'Alex in Wonderland'

What now for Northern Ireland and marriage equality?

Annette Pryce takes a look at the situation as it stands now in Northern Ireland for equal marriage.

Transphobia: An increasingly liberal affair?

In this article, Jon B rejects the notion put forward by Rebecca Reid in her recent Metro article that it’s time for trans people to be more receptive to cis people’s concerns about trans issues.

The hidden wellbeing issues underlying the Pride and policing debate

How do we bridge the chasm between those who want a visible police presence at Pride events and those who do not? Sam Hope proposes that those with power need to listen harder.

Time for full bisexual acceptance into the LGBTQ+ community

Bisexuals still struggle to find acceptance within LGBTQ+ circles. The all pervasiveness of social media only seems to deepen the divide. Andrew Macdougall explores why.

You are queer enough

Steph Farnsworth pulls apart the myth that certain identities are "less queer" than others.

We need to stop hating on ace members of the community

Stephanie Farnsworth takes apart the acephobia in the LGBTQ+ community

The magic of Dungeons & Dragons

For this month's theme, guest writer Sarah Ellis explores the much beloved Dungeon's and Dragon's game.