Selfish cis gay men: The stubborn stain on our community

Transport for London's decision to introduce more inclusive language has provoked outrage - and not just from those you might expect. Lee Williscroft-Ferris takes issue with selfish cis gay men.

Sport and identity

A guest writer, Gareth Davies explores how rejecting fixed ideas about what sport should look like, intertwine with a rejection of other fixed identity norms.

I am so sick of this shit; AFAB does not mean privileged

A guest writer explains why accusations of privilege levelled at assigned female at birth non binary people are rooted in misogyny and transphobia. This writer has asked to remain anonymous.

The price of spending a penny

Everyone seems to want to talk about toilets. Karen Pollock tries to look past the myths, and into the facts of public toilet provision.

Queerbate: Are Levi’s milking non-binary people with their ‘gender neutral’ range?

Recently, Levi's launched a range of 'gender neutral' clothing named after the gay activist and politician, Harvey Milk. Stephanie Farnsworth and Karen Pollock discuss whether this is a step forward for mainstream recognition or shameless bandwagon-jumping.

‘We need to have each others’ backs’: TQ meets CN Lester

CN Lester is a trans activist, musician, teacher, academic and author. They took time out in their typically hectic schedule to talk to Lee Williscroft-Ferris about a very exciting new project, as well as the ongoing battle for trans equality.

Trans healthcare is in a state of emergency

With the release of the Trans Inquiry, Stephanie Farnsworth examines the health care situation which trans people must battle every day.

The different stories of LGBTQ+ media representation

While cis lesbian women and cis gay men are facing greater acceptance than ever before in the media it is a very different story for bisexual and transgender people, as Stephanie Farnsworth examines.