Editorial: Queer politics

The Editor comments on the upcoming tory leadership election, the implications for LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and how it might not all be bad thanks to some [not so] quiet heroes.

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No separation of Church and State for Northern Ireland

Guest writer Claire Mullaly discusses the Supreme Court's decisions to uphold discrimination on religious grounds in the provision of goods and services.

In the shadow of Section 28

Annette Pryce takes a personal look back at the effects of the notorious Section 28.

The fight to decriminalise same-sex intimacy in the Commonwealth

As part of our monthly theme of politics, Ibtisam Ahmed looks at the campaign to decriminalise same-sex intimacy at the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Why I do not support a ban on “conversion” therapy

As part of our politics month Karen Pollock challenges the idea legislation is always the best tool for protecting LGBTQ+ peo

Politics is personal; Why LGBTQ+ people need to be represented at all levels of government

Politics is personal; Why LGBTQ+ people need to be represented at all levels of government.

USA, Japan and China among 13 countries failing to support UN condemnation of the death penalty for homosexuality

Ibtisam Ahmed examines the voting patterns in a historic UN resolution supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

Who are the villains of our story ?

Annette Pryce responds to the latest report from Stonewall on the state of schools today and the way in which they are tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

Being queer isn’t a moral question – how you vote is

Is coming out as a Tory comparable to coming out as queer? Short answer: no. Louise McCudden explores why.

What do you believe in, Tim Farron?

Guest writer and Biblical scholar, Jo Henderson-Merrygold, takes a look at the stated reasons behind Tim Farron's resignation as Liberal Democrat leader.