Suffer little children

Karen Pollock takes issue with the latest gutter press article about trans young people.

“Yesterday my uncle asked me what cisgender meant ?”

In a guest post for human rights month, Douglas Robertson explores the growing awareness of trans rights in popular consciousness - and how it's time for cis people to pick a side. 

The problem comparing trans people with blackface

The problem of comparing self-promoting white people doing blackface with the millions of trans people worldwide is explored by Sam Hope.

Trial by media over Speakers’ Corner fracas

A media circus has blown up over a scuffle between trans and anti-trans activists at Speaker's Corner. Sam Hope explores some context.

Dear cisgender feminists, trans women are not your enemy

Guest writer Chay Brown, an activist from the National Union of Teachers, responds to the assertions that the reforms to the gender recognition act are in contradiction to the rights of others.

Feminism does not have to be trans-exclusionary

Annette Pryce discusses the use of a well known phrase.

Trade unions: Is solidarity really forever?

Annette Pryce analyses the progress of the trade union movement in light of some negative reactions to the reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

Yes, John Barrowman, we know you’re trying to provoke us

Writer and activist Sam Hope discusses why Barrowman's 'transgender tardis' comment was certain to bait the trans community.

Selfish cis gay men: The stubborn stain on our community

Transport for London's decision to introduce more inclusive language has provoked outrage - and not just from those you might expect. Lee Williscroft-Ferris takes issue with selfish cis gay men.

Moments in Queerness: The Compton Cafeteria Riots

Every movement has its beginnings. For the trans, non-binary, and intersex community this event is known as the Compton Cafeteria Riots. Angel Rojas takes a look at this often forgotten moment in LGBTQ+ history.