What do you believe in, Tim Farron?

Guest writer and Biblical scholar, Jo Henderson-Merrygold, takes a look at the stated reasons behind Tim Farron's resignation as Liberal Democrat leader.

Who are the DUP and why should we worry?

On the back of the announcement of the hung parliament Dónal Murray-Ferris profiles just who exactly the DUP are, and why this doesn't promise a good future for the LGBTQ+ community

Leo Varadkar’s ascendency and the need for an intersectional lens

An openly gay Prime Minister in Ireland should be a cause for celebration. Lee Williscroft-Ferris looks at Leo Varadkar's dubious record and suggests otherwise.

Why does the far right get away with weaponising LGBTQ+ people?

UKIP’s election manifesto is the latest example of the far right using queer people to push its own agenda. Louise McCudden asks how they keep getting away with it.

Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

Dónal Murray-Ferris presents his story about growing up in a country where he felt unable to truly celebrate and be proud of his sexuality. I have lived in merry old England since 2004 when I upped sticks from my quiet hometown to the bright lights of Luton town to begin my studies at University. Initially, … Continue reading Growing up gay in Northern Ireland

LGBTQ+ people are not pawns in your Islamophobic crusade

Some would have LGBTQ+ people believe that Trump's 'Muslim Ban' is good for their safety. Lee Williscroft-Ferris takes issue.

Sustained intersectional resistance can defeat the forces of right-wing populism

Last weekend's public displays of resistance against the rise of right-wing populism were heartening but Lee Williscroft-Ferris argues that more sustained action is necessary.

The Tories need a lesson in Sex Ed

Tory MPs this week blocked an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill to make lessons on inclusive SRE mandatory in all schools. Annette Pryce discusses the ramifications.

I beg your pardon?

Karen Pollock takes issue with the idea of a deeply queerphobic government issuing pardons for acts which should never have been crimes in the first place.

Why LGBTQ+ rights should never come down to a vote

Stephanie Farnsworth examines the issue of voting on LGBTQ+ rights, in the wake of Australia's decision to hold a plebiscite on marriage equality.